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Our Vision. Mission Statement.

Overseas Manpower Recruitment Agency India

Venkatesh manpower Consultancy delivers quality service and dedicated approach and affords maximum benefit to client. Venkatesh Man Power Consultancy has positioned itself amongst the topmost recruitment service providers. We are the primary job consultancy service providers in various domains including Healthcare, Construction, Oil & Gas, petrochemical, hospitality, many others. With our extensive and consistent endeavors, our company reputed itself at global level by rendering human resource & management services and overseas manpower recruitment in Dubai, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Maldives, Canada, United Kingdom,  Europe, Singapore, Malaysia

Our Vision

Not just filling but fitting the vacancy… is the policy module that Team VMC operates in. This “Fit the Accurate” policy has helped us bag many accolades, as we believe RECRUITMENT is much more than a mere task of bringing in new talent. We understand the importance of knowing the functional details of the desired position, which facilitates thorough identification & assessment of the candidates.
There is nothing better than Excellence. this is what VMC believes in to raise the employee execution to meet your expectations, by training them to outgrow with team spirit and healthy competition, thus excellence becomes a reality. VMC guides you to develop the knowledge, skills, and attitude necessary for impressive performance on the job.

Mission Statement

At VMC, we believe that recruiters need more than general job postings alone to properly convey their value proposition to prospective talent. We also believe that professionals deserve more than just corporate marketing!
That is why we appreciate human interaction with our service offering. Particularly we allow shortlisted candidates to engage with hand-picked managers from the best business firm all over the world.
Through us, employers hire the best-qualified people while professionals make more informed career decisions to fulfill their dreams.
Everybody win when right path is chosen at right time..!

About Founder

Mr. Venkatesh Yajali

“Venkatesh Yajali is very enthusiastic and passionate about client service.”

He has helped thousands of people explore emigration to various locations around the world. He has a real passion to see his clients’ dreams come true and loves to assist them as they seek to do so.
He took his bachelor degree in Catering technology and culinary arts from IIHM&CA, OSMANIA UNIVERSITY, Hyderabad. He did his post graduation in HOSPITALITY OPERATIONS in the most reputed institution namely INLEAD, DELHI. He has given services to various hospitality companies around the globe.
By nature he is a very simple and organized person with innovative thoughts. He believes in smart work rather than hard.

License Info: 
Reg No: B-1271/AP/PER/100/5/9615/2019
Approved by Ministry of External Affairs (Govt. of India)
License Info: 
Reg No: B-1271/AP/PER/100/5/9615/2019
Approved by Ministry of External Affairs (Govt. of India)