Consulting. Recruitment. Placement.

Our primary Function

“V.M.C. Offer a full range of staffing services: Application Processing, Payroll Services, Customized, Testing, Flexible Placement Options, On-Site Representation, Management/Workforce Reports, and ongoing employee follow up. We are able to customize our staffing operation to compliment your current business and recruiting model

Application and Interview

Application and pre-screening procedures are at top efficiency by using online methods and systems

All candidates are thoroughly interviewed and screened by experienced Staffing Coordinators

Our Employee Handbook is distributed to inform employees of our policies and procedures

Additional screening and testing is offered to clients based on their unique job requirements

Placement, Selection and Followup

The integrated computer system provides the following client benefits:

Better tracking of employee work history

Quicker response time

Improved awareness of employee assignments

Interview results recorded for more clarity

Attendance and tardiness issues tracked per employee

Overall accuracy of employee records improved

All Staffing Coordinators are involved in continually updating employee files, employee availability, and completed work

Assignments, interview results, disciplinary issues, etc.

Our Client Services

Negotiating contracts

Perfect headhunting

Assessment and Interviewing prospective applicants and fulfill the client requirements

Candidates Screening and drawing up shortlists of candidates for clients for interview

Organizing interviews and selection events

Making arrangements for the advertisement of vacancies

Helping applicants to prepare for interviews

Building relationships with clients.

You could even find yourself working in graduate recruitment, hiring the best university graduates for an organization’s graduate training schemes.

VMC work for large, medium, small-scale companies

VMC has a huge database of job vacancies as per salary o

Resource-This is built over a period of time. They refer these databases and contact the registered candidates.

Job seekers contact these agencies through direct walk-ins and get themselves registered.

Then the wait begins for the candidates to get calls from these agencies. Job seekers highly rely on these agencies for the interview calls.

VMC help the aspirants to solve the issues related to their career and job.

VMC suggest the best available alternatives and solutions related to your queries.

VMC provide training to the aspirants. These may be related to job interviews or personality development. These trainings have helped many professionals to perform better in the toughest situation.

VMC keep a contact with successfully placed candidates to keep a track of the complaints and needs of the former.